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Dawn Lorraine

Spiritual Medium

Client Testimonials

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"Dawn gave me a reading that was very informative. She described exactly what I am going through in my life. I am at a crossroads and she knew. Her personality is so upbeat and positive. She described my late grandmother as exactly as she was. I highly recommend Dawn. 

She is very knowledgeable!

Nicole - Intuitive Card and Mediumship Reading





"This was a very fun experience"

Alicia - From Heaven, with Love Mediumship Gallery






"Best reading I have ever had. 

 A special birthday for me, because I got to be reminded I'm loved and appreciated by my uncle, grandma and mom." 

Jody B. - Mediumship Reading







"Just want to say "Thank You" to Dawn for a fabulous evening last night at Villa Serra. Her card reads were "Spot On!" and the people that came through with the psychic read were relatives I hadn't thought of in YEARS. It brought back wonderful heartfelt memories.

 I am grateful and glad I could attend."

Claire - From Heaven, with Love Mediumship Gallery





"You are very pleasant with the way you present and gift that you have. Thank you very much for coming today"

Marcia - Gallery Style Mediumship Party






"Thank you so very much for all the relevant, helpful information. I appreciate all the insight.

It has been a pleasure meeting you. I enjoyed hearing from my Dad today. Thank you. You are so very talented. You have made my Dad's death easier to handle."

P. Sionne - Psychic Faire Fundraiser






"Typical skeptic here! I take readings as an interesting way to foresee one's life events. Usually I choose not to take any readings too seriously. But a reading with Dawn today made me sit at the edge of my seat! Dawn was excellent at explaining what each card meant and I was so surprised how accurate the reading was. I can honestly say, that I walked away with a comfortable feeling of a positive solution to a current personal issue that I have. I highly recommend Dawn for all your tarot card readings."

D. Emerson - Individual Tarot Reading






"I enjoyed the reading which was very detailed" 

A.J. - Tarot Card Reading





"It was a great and enlightening event.  Wasn't expecting to hear from someone so close.  Warmed my heart and gave me an extra drive to keep going."

K.C. - From Heaven, with Love Mediumship Gallery







"Dawn read Tarot cards for my daughter, as I sat and took notes. It was uncanny the information she knew about our family and especially my daughter. Her psychic abilities were right on! Great reading!"

Laurie - Individual Tarot Reading






"This is my first - Interesting & Informative. Thank you - My kids and grandkids would love you!"

Barbara - Gallery Mediumship Party







"I thought this was a great event.  I did feel completely  connected to my grandmother for the first time in years.  Thank  you Dawn!"

K.B. - From Heaven with Love Mediumship Gallery







"Dawn is a very talented and kind woman.  She is very energetic and the reading was very wonderful." 

Ally M. - Tarot Card Reading







"It was  very interesting and I received a message from someone unexpected.  Dawn is extremely friendly and uplifting."

A. F. - From Heaven, with Love Mediumship Gallery






"Dawn was extremely thoughtful and made sure to use her own thoughts instead of responses made by me.  I connected with my grandmother on my birthday and am grateful."

Emma F. - Psychic Fair Fundraiser









"Dawn connected me to my loved one who passed and told me her insight with detail - very loving and compassionate.  Thank you, Dawn!"

M. Donnelly - Mediumship Reading








Dawn works with my Grief Group, and as she was working with me on scheduling, she read me totally unplanned and spontaneously. She was able to pull through my Significant Other-Ex, Bill, on the week of the six month anniversary of his death. She knew specific details such as the exact town his sister lived in and how he had hoped to visit her one more time before he passed. Dawn was also able to talk about a specific incident that happened after Bill passed that brought in his humor and showed me that he was still with me watching over me everyday. She even talked about his favorite foods he missed and the Heart Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake he hoped I’d get him for his birthday. I truly felt that Bill was still with me. At the end, Dawn gave me the name of a song. It was a song about life being short and flying like a bird over a sea. Our special place when Bill was alive was the ocean so it made perfect sense. Interestingly, when I went to find the video, it stated the video was produced the year I was born, and the length of the song consisted of the digits of my birthday. He had given her a song full of signs for me. I was so impressed with Dawn that I referred her to my personal friends and family too. Thank you Dawn Lorraine for making a very difficult week so much more comforting.

~ Colleen 

Thank you for your valued feedback

Dawn Lorraine

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