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Dawn Lorraine

Spiritual Medium

Connecting you with 

the light of your loved ones


Choose your option, relax and enjoy your appointment or event! Here are answers to many questions below:


What services does Dawn Lorraine provide?

Dawn provides spiritual consulting and coaching, Mediumship, Tarot, Oracle and Angel Card readings, Reiki Sessions and Classes. She enjoys serving charitable organizations where she provides inspirational lectures, mediumship and/or intuitive card readings. 


May Services be combined?


Yes. Clients having a private session or party may combine intuitive readings or coaching with or without cards, along with crystal ball, Tarot, Angel Card, Flower and Oracle Card and Mediumship readings. 


If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact Dawn to tailor your appointment to your individual or business needs.

What suggestions can you provide regarding receiving the best possible reading? What are the types of readings you provide?


Whether your appointment is in person, via telephone or the internet, you may wish to take a moment to sit in a quiet, comfortable space and have a pad and pen handy to take notes. Please be certain you are sedentary and not operating a vehicle or machinery during your appointment, otherwise Dawn will alot time during your scheduled appointment for you to get to a safe, secure and comfortable place.  


If you are using a cellular telephone, please try to remain in an area where you have a good signal and refrain from using a speakerphone; which can affect the quality of the call.


It is helpful to know what type of service you or your guests would like and to advise Dawn of your preference(s) when you schedule your appointment. Here is some information on types of readings clients may select:

During a Psychic or Intuitive Reading a reader uses their senses and perceptions received from the vibrational energy of a person. Sometimes a psychic will have a "knowing" or intuition. A reader might use a divination tool or object or no tools at all.


Information received is communicated to you; the client, who may ask questions. This is a great reading for a person who would like to discuss everyday matters.


Dawn can receive information by clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling/sensing) and claircognizance (knowing). 


In a Mediumship reading the reader connects with the spirit of a person or animal who has crossed over to the other side we may refer to as Heaven. It is the goal of this reading to connect with your out of body friend or loved one in a caring, compassionate manner and to provide you with understandable information that you are able to recognize as pertaining directly to that individual. 


You can help to ensure a good reading by simply remaining relaxed and comfortable so communication may flow freely and naturally. It is helpful to provide no details regarding your loved one other than "Yes", "No", "I understand" or "I don't understand" responses. If you do not understand something as being applicable, more clarifying information will be requested from your friend or loved one in the Spirit Realm.


Please take a few moments before your appointment to recall special memories about your friends and loved ones in Spirit. Staying positive can really help. Please be willing to accept that the person or pet you most strongly wish to hear from may not be the one who arrives to the appointment. This does not mean your friend or loved one is not there for you. The individual choosing to come through at the time of your session may simply have a strong, sincere wish to communicate with you at that time. That individual may share a memory or information regarding what is going on in your life now. It's an honor when they choose to visit!



A gallery reading is a reading given in the presence of a group of people. The term "Gallery" is a common name for a message circle where a demonstration of mediumship is provided to a group. However, a gallery can be gathered for psychic or intuitive messages, card readings or a combination of services. 


The purpose of a mediumship gallery is to demonstrate the continuity of life. To receive the best possible reading in a gallery, simply keep an open mind while focusing on your friends and loved ones in Spirit. Ask them to join you. Send love out to them. They will hear you. Be open to receive information from anyone, even the people you would least expect to hear from.


It is helpful to keep the area free from distractions and for all guests to be seated 10 minutes prior to the start of the gathering with telephones shut down or silenced if imperative to be on for emergencies.  As in private appointments, it is also recommended that if Dawn presents information directly to you, you limit your responses to "Yes", "No" or "I don't know/understand" to allow information to flow more freely to you. "Yes" means you understand the information to apply. If you say "No" or that you do not understand, Dawn will work further to clarify the information received.


What should I expect during a Mediumship Gallery event?


Fun, laughter, healing and validations!  


This entertaining afternoon or evening provides an opportunity for you to reconnect with friends, loved ones and even your pets who have chosen to go out of body and have crossed into the spiritual realm.  



Each gallery is as unique as the attendees who join together to be part of it. Healing messages from Spirit are randomly delivered to participants. There will be laughs, tears, memories, family stories and sometimes, appearances from those you never would expect to hear from! Spirit decides!


All group events are for individuals ages 18 and older and typically last about 2 hours. Additional time may be requested. Some time is devoted to a brief meet and greet and general overview about the mediumship process, followed by the gallery readings. If time permits, questions and answers may be a great way to wrap up your event!


Not every guest is guaranteed a reading or greeting, but people leave feeling empowered, uplifted and supported. It's kind of like a party with your "new extended family", where you might just find you have something in common with the person sitting right next to you. Sometimes messages will apply to the group as well. Whether large or small, your guests will have a great time!


May a friend, my child, animal or other family member sit in on my reading or gallery party?


One observer over the age of 18 may sit in on a private reading for a small fee. Please note that this person may receive services as they are accompanying you.  In consideration of othrrs, if your guest is tardy or absent, your appointment will commence as scheduled.


In fairness to guests who have paid to attend a mediumship gallery, no observers are permitted during the gallery. All attendees must be over 18 and pay admission because anyone in or around the room can be read.


In order to allow for the best and most comfortable experience for you and your guests, please be sure to arrange for child and animal care prior to your reading or event and ask your guests to arrive a few minutes early to be settled into their seats when it begins.


Service animals under the complete care and responsibility of their owner or keeper are most welcome. Please do first double-check with any venue on their policies prior to making your purchase as their policies may differ.


Will consumption of alcohol affect my reading?


It may. It is recommended and requested that one refrain from the use of alcohol or recreational drugs prior to receiving a reading as it may affect the flow of energy. Your reading may be more enjoyable and memorable.


What does a reader bring to my home or office party? Who sets the party up?


Dawn will generally bring a folding card table and 1-2 folding chairs if requested, personal table items, and pen and paper for clients who wish to take notes of their session. 


It is the responsibility of the event coordinator to provide a safe and comfortable place for the event and to supply and set up the tables and chairs.


What forms of payment are accepted and how do I handle the payment process smoothly?


Cash and money orders are accepted for all in-person appointments and parties. Credit cards are accepted for advance deposits and remote services. Personal checks are not accepted. 


Group Parties run most smoothly when coordinators collect before the day of the party.


Minimums apply and collection occurs prior to when the service is rendered.  Guests can leave early and stay late and an event is a busy time. Plan in advance, use separate envelopes and label them, noting who paid and what is in each envelope.


Coordinators will receive a party quote and are responsible for making up any difference, so advance planning makes it easy. 


Overtime Gallery Party Service Fee.  Gallery coordinators frequently request overtime and that is paid after the event is over if not pre-requested.  People have fun and the time goes by rapidly. If there is a chance you wish for Dawn to stay, please collect all overtime fees in a separate envelope labeled O.T. before the party, when it is quiet and you can best prepare. Get a commitment in advance and divide the charge evenly among those staying late. Hang onto the envelope and if you decide not to use overtime, you may simply refund your guests. 


Why do you ask for payment up front in the form of a deposit for a party or in full for a reading? Why is the deposit non-refundable? 


Dawn wants you to treat the appointment you make as one that is important. By reserving your appointment and paying up front, you are being courteous of Dawn's efforts to schedule you and showing your intentions of keeping your appointment.  


Is there anything Dawn will not discuss during an appointment?


Yes. Dawn is not medically, psychologically, legally or financially trained and will not provide any form of professional advice. 


Dawn also does not know when and does not address questions regarding when a person or animal might transition to the other side we may refer to as Heaven. 


Dawn will not provide readings for the purpose of asking questions only about other people. While other individuals who are part of your life may be reflected in your session, a reading is from your perspective, and the focus is on you. If you wish to inquire about someone else, please book a two person or group reading and arrange to have the other individual(s) present.



Dawn recognizes that clients often leave an appointment feeling a sense of healing and personal empowerment. Dawn believes strongly in free will and personal responsibility. 


Individuals are responsible for their own direction, decisions and for how they choose to act, react, interpret or not act with respect to any communications, information or impressions they receive.  


We are all unique, so one can expect varied interpretations of information received or words said during an appointment.  A client must always be guided by what he or she feels is in his or her own best and highest interest.


How soon may I have an appointment?


Dawn will get you scheduled as quickly as possible. Please feel free to provide two or three dates and times that are convenient for you. 


Where are you located? What are your business hours? Do I have to travel to see you?


Dawn is located in Southeastern MA near the Rhode Island border, convenient to Boston and Cape Cod. She is easily accessible to the North Shore and West of Boston and can travel to you in person. Though hours can vary, Dawn's hours are generally evenings and  weekends. 



Don't we need to be in the same room for an appointment to be successful?


No. Please pick your appointment based on personal preference, and know that Dawn is just as comfortable working remotely as she is in person. Appointments are just as effective should you elect a teleconference, Zoom or Skype meeting.



What if I have additional party guests than I expected or if I need more time?


That's great news! Should you have more guests than projected or would like Dawn to stay longer, please contact Dawn in advance of your party so time may be allotted. 


Will all my guests at a gallery (group) style party receive a reading?


Dawn will be guided on messages to deliver and reach as many people as possible in the time permitted with either a psychic and/or mediumistic greeting or message. While not all guests are guaranteed to receive a reading, attendees will find these events not only prove the continuity of life, but serve as an informative, healing, inspirational and entertaining introduction to mediumship. 


What is included in a party or reading price?


Rates quoted are cash prices to include allowances for service time, preparation and any reasonable travel. Gratuities are always at the customer's discretion for service professions, so they are never included in pricing.


Party quotes are based on an agreed time period or per-person minimum price, service type and location. Always ask for a written quote as prices can vary.


What about guest privacy, recordings, telephones and social media?


Parties are entertaining and people love to take pictures. Dawn Lorraine believes in honoring the privacy of all clients and that an atmosphere is more relaxed when individuals know they are not being audio or video recorded or photographed or where phones can sound during a session. No recordings are permitted during a reading or event hosted by Dawn. 


Dawn reserves the right to notify guests in advance of their purchase, should she ever elect to record, publish or post a group event, service or class for any purpose. Please understand also, that even if Dawn does not capture the event on a recording, venues still may have security systems in place and you may be recorded in that fashion. Please see Dawn's privacy policies for more information.


Please refrain from cell phone and camera usage during an appointment or event. If you are required to be on call for emergency purposes, please set your telephone to quiet mode. Should you want to take still photos during a break or at the conclusion of the event, please inquire.



Please keep in mind that gallery events are entertaining group forums where communication is not private.  While Dawn believes Spirit joins us with only the best in intentions, they do bring forth their personalities and will greet you in the presence of the group in a way you will recognize. If you would rather observe, please let Dawn know before as she approaches you. Attendees have the right to refuse or stop their reading at any time.


Should you feel more comfortable with a one-on-one reading instead of in a group/gallery atmosphere please contact Dawn to schedule an in-home, telephone, internet audio or video session. 



I want to have a psychic fair to raise money for my charitable organization. Can you help?


Yes! Dawn would be honored to learn more about your charity and to assist as a reader. Please call to check her availability.


I have a hectic schedule. How can we meet for an appointment?


Zoom or Skype appointments are the next best thing to being there when your schedule is full. Please inquire. 


What is Reiki?


Reiki is a form of spiritual healing and self-improvement modality which was brought from Japan to the United States a number of years ago. It is a gentle technique known to be used for stress reduction and relaxation. It can be administered hands on, hands off, in person or from a distance. The participant remains fully clothed and may be seated comfortably on the floor, in a chair or lying on a table.  Reiki can be used on animals too. 


Reiki is an interesting practice to learn about. More information is being uncovered about its origins. Reiki differs from massage therapy and it is not medical treatment. It is based on the idea that unseen life force energy flows around and through us. If this energy is low, we are more likely to get sick or feel stress. If high, we are more capable of being or feeling happy and healthy.  


A relaxing session feels like a wonderful warmth that flows through and around you. Reiki clients have reported many beneficial effects such feelings of wellbeing and peace. 


It is important to know that Reiki is considered a holistic complement to conventional medical treatment and is not to be considered as a substitute for conventional medical treatment or as medical treatment. Also, as each person is unique, clients may react differently to Reiki. There are no guarantees made as to its effectiveness. 


Dawn is currently not offering Reiki Services, however please feel free to call if you are interested in being put on a waiting list for a session or future class or want to learn more. 


Dawn recommends you experience a relaxing Reiki Session before scheduling a class and before engaging in any session or class, that you always verify with a licensed, appropriate medical provider that you are approved and recommended to participate.


Dawn Lorraine is certified as a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki practitioner and teacher. The Level I introductory Reiki class is a full-day, comprehensive class which teaches the origins and principles of Reiki and self holistic treatment techniques. The class includes instruction, a Reiki Level I attunement and written certification. Reiki Classes are also available for Levels II and above and for those wishing to re-certify.


I contacted Dawn through the website but have not heard back. What should I do?

Please check your spam/junk folder for Dawn's reply e-mail. Please also feel free to call 978-717-DAWN.

Disclaimer, Terms, Conditions & Policies

Dawn Lorraine looks forward to meeting you, your friends and family.  Please review the following and contact Dawn Lorraine with any questions prior to making your purchase. By contacting Dawn Lorraine with regard to any service or event, by scheduling or receiving an appointment or other service, you acknowledge and agree you and your guests have first read, understand and agree to all of the following policies and other information provided on this website and other relevant materials. Have a great day!

Services are provided only to individuals 18 years of age or older for the purpose of assisting clients in exploring various options that may be available with respect to their own spiritual journey. Should you elect to use Dawn's services, you understand and agree that all services shall not take the place of, nor be construed as express or implied legal, financial, business, medical, career, psychological or any other form of professional advice, service or fortune telling as these services are not provided; and that Dawn Lorraine does not diagnose, prescribe, treat, heal, prevent or cure any type of situation or condition; and, that Reiki Sessions and classes are meant to be a holistic complement to conventional medical treatment, for relaxation purposes only, and are not to be construed as or used as a substitute for conventional medical treatment. All Clients/participants are asked to agree to consult only with appropriately licensed, trained professional(s), in advance and without delay, for any condition, matter or situation or if they feel they are experiencing symptoms. 


All clients/participants assert they are healthy, have first consulted with a physician and have received advance physician approval to participate in any group event, class, healing session, gallery, or any other in-person gathering for any purpose. All clients, including individuals and groups seeking or receiving Dawn Lorraine's services understand and agree no express or implied guarantees or claims are made or given on the accuracy rate or outcome of a reading, session/appointment, consultation, demonstration, healing, service, class, fundraiser, event or workshop, that all information provided is subject to various interpretations and therefore, all clients/participants understand and agree they have free will and are solely responsible for all their actions, in-actions, interpretations, reactions, direct and/or indirect outcomes and for how they elect to use Dawn Lorraine's services, to include but not be limited to the use of this website, e-mail, in-person, telephone, internet and social media communications. 


All clients/participants seeking Dawn Lorraine's services, including but not limited to purchasers, their guests, Dawn Lorraine's students, individual and group clients, their representatives, heirs and assigns agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Dawn Lorraine, in any capacity, and any other officers, directors, agents, employees, service providers, vendors, contractors, lessees, lessors, heirs, assigns, representatives from and against any and all claims of any nature, to include but not be limited to claims for losses, liabilities, damages, fees, costs, expenses to include attorney and legal fees and costs, arising out of or in connection with the use of any of Dawn Lorraine's services,  communication with Dawn Lorraine,  whether verbal, written, via the internet or otherwise, and agree that this agreement to defend, indemnify and hold harmless shall also include but is not limited to all claims/disputes/matters arising out of and/or in connection with attendance at events, functions, the public posting of content from events, any other use of the internet, social media, website, video, electronic, cellular or mailing or other communications, matters involving data transmission or storage, in-person and remote services.  All purchasers, participants and other clients, as well as their heirs, administrators, assigns and representatives also agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Dawn Lorraine and any of her agents, parent companies, subsidiaries, shareholders, lessors, lessees, directors, officers, executives, representatives, affiliates, proprietors, heirs, assigns or any other connected parties from and against all claims for loss, cost, expense, fees, damages of of any type, whether in contract or in tort, he/she/they may now have or in the future.  This covenant not to sue Dawn Lorraine, extends to her agents,  lessors, lessees, directors, officers, executives, representatives, affiliates, students, proprietors and any other connected parties, and applies, without limitation, to all matters including but not limited to those involving actual or alleged negligence, accident, illness, personal injury, physical loss, damage, physical injuries and personal injuries to the mind, body, emotions, (i.e., physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, psychic), and, any special, indirect, direct, financial, incidental, exemplary and consequential damages, loss or costs, fees or expenses, arising out of or in connection with any interaction with Dawn Lorraine, including but not limited to any communication, participation in any session, appointment, or event(s) or other service. 


All clients electing in-person services of any type also agree fully with the following ADDITIONAL  COMMUNICABLE DISEASE DISCLAIMER:


Despite efforts to keep you safe, it is possible that transmission of illness or disease may occur from exposure to people, air, food, fluid or surfaces. 




If you participate in an in-person event such as an appointment, session, fair, spiritual or educational activity, all clients/purchasers, to include their guests, affirm and certify in advance that they and persons who have been in their proximity are, to the best of the client's/participants knowledge, healthy and cleared by an appropriate medical professional to participate.  


Purchasers/clients and their spouses, family, heirs, assigns, and representatives agree to waive all rights to make claims and agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Dawn Lorraine, in any capacity, from and against all claims of any type, including but not limited to those arising out of or in connection to/with the actual or alleged transmission of a communicable disease, illness or injury. This agreement to waive all rights to make claims and covenant not to sue includes but is not limited to all services as well as matters with respect to the supervising, administration, planning, hiring, employment, training, or monitoring of others that may be infected with and may spread a communicable disease, failure to prevent the spread of or to report any type of illness, contagion, sickness or disease, whether or not such illness, contagion, sickness or disease is considered to or determined to at any time be of a viral, bacterial, pandemic, epidemic or endemic nature.


Purchaser(s)/clients' agreement to waive rights to make claims and to indemnify, defend and hold Dawn Lorraine harmless also includes, but is not limited to, claims and actions pertaining to any type of injury, disease or illness exposure or transmission, and any actual or perceived losses, costs, damages, expenses, and fees, to include attorney, court and legal fees and any other losses or expenses of any nature or type. 


Purchaser(s) and clients,  understand and agree their participation an in-person event, class, session or activity is voluntary, and that in person services may expose them and others to illness or disease of any type or nature to include but not be limited to any type of the COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS, which has been shown to result in financial loss, loss of income, physical injury, impairment, illness, permanent disability and death. 


Clients understand and agree that they will decline participation in any event, without refund, if their condition or the condition of someone in their close proximity requires them to isolate. Please stay home if you are experiencing any symptoms or have been exposed to a communicable disease of any type and follow appropriate medical guidelines to prevent the spread. 


Purchaser(s) and clients hereby fully agree that the above waiver, agreement to defend, hold harmless and covenant not to sue extends not only to Dawn Lorraine but to her agents, lessors, lessees, directors, hiring officers, executives, representatives, affiliates, proprietor, hiring parties, heirs, assigns, and any other connected parties, is all inclusive, and includes but is not limited to matters involving the transmission or possible transmission of illness or disease of any type,  whether or not such disease or condition has been designated as viral, bacterial, pandemic, epidemic, endemic or otherwise. It is agreed that this waiver of all claims, agreement to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Dawn Lorraine and the other aforementioned parties applies whether or not such sickness, illness, condition, disease knowingly or unknowingly occurs/occurred before, during or after participation in any appointment, class, event or other function.

Service Standards


Superior Customer Service is Dawn's goal. She makes every effort to ensure you are comfortable and have an enjoyable and memorable experience. She aims to serve you, your family, friends and colleagues now and in the years 

During your in​dividual appointment or at your group event, Dawn works to provide as much detailed, relevant information as possible. When you schedule an appointment, Dawn prepares for it and your fee includes any preparation and travel in addition to your appointment time.

Dawn's goal ​is 100% satisfaction for each client and she endeavors to address as many of your inquiries, concerns and questions as possible during the time you have set aside to meet. If you can relate to and understand Imuch of the information presented, that is fantastic. It is normal not to understand all of the information and miscommunications may occur. Dawn works hard to avoid misunderstandings and miscommunications. Regretfully, there is no guarantee and fees for services rendered are non-refundable for any reason unless you put put down a deposit and Dawn Lorraine needs to cancel your appointment or event. In that case, your return may not include any third party provider's service fees. As mediumship is spirit-guided, a connection with your friend and loved on the other side cannot be guaranteed.


In a group forum, messages are not private. So many people really enjoy the group atmosphere and often find it to be inspiring and educational. It's a great way to meet people, relax and have fun and to enjoy healing and uplifting messages and memories.

If you are selected in a group forum for a greeting or reading you have the right to refuse or stop the reading at any time. Please participate to the extent you feel comfortable. If you prefer to watch and not receive a direct message, please let Dawn know as she approaches you that you would rather just enjoy the gathering without active participation. During these events, Dawn tries to reach as many attendees as possible with a psychic or mediumistic message as time permits however a greeting or reading cannot 


If a connection cannot be made in a private session, the client will be offered a psychic/intuitive reading for the remaining time present focusing on intuitive guidance, thoughts, intuitive life coaching and/or spiritual consulting.


It is helpful to arrive to your appointment with an open mind and heart. Please feel free to ask questions and to take notes if there is anything you do not understand. Often clients come back months later and things that do not make sense, 


If you feel services may be enhanced in any way, please contact Dawn to chat about your recommendations. She values you as a client, and recognizes that we are individuals with different thoughts and ideas.


Thank you so very much for the opportunity to be of service to you, your friends and family.

Testimonials, Reviews, Website Use and Feedback

Many clients like to share their experiences by leaving a testimonial or review. It is such a joy to hear about customers who would like to share their experience. It helps people get to know her and her work and the healing that may result. 


Should you leave a testimonial, you may provide your full name, partial name or your initials to be printed or published. If you provide a testimonial, review or rating for public use on this website or elsewhere, you acknowledge you are aware that all or a portion of it may be reproduced in communications and grant Dawn the right to use it in any manner. You also affirm and acknowledge that it was authored by you and will not harm other parties. Many thanks go out to the valued clients who have already shared their thoughts and to you, for your consideration. 


All clients and website users agree to not use Dawn's website or work in any way that is unethical, fraudulent, illegal or harmful, and agree to waive privacy to the extent necessary for Dawn to respond to any seemingly inaccurate, non factually based, or misleading review you publish regarding your interaction with Dawn. In this case, you agree that Dawn is permitted to respond to your review with information regarding your mutual experience from Dawn's perspective.


Dawn works hard to provide the best possible service and has had many joyful clients. Sometimes, some information conveyed makes more sense over time. If something does not seem to apply or make sense right away, you may wish to give yourself a few days to think about your experience. Dawn has shared a few laughs with customers who locate her months after an appointment and tell her they remember saying "No, this would not apply to me", only to find out the answer was later determined to be "YES"! 


Please feel free to reach out to Dawn if you wish to provide her with confidential feedback.


Services for Adults Only

Dawn Lorraine does not provide services to individuals under the age of 18. Should Dawn have reason to believe that a person under the age of 18 is seeking her services, she reserves the right to check identification and refuse service, potentially without refund to any adult purchaser. If the purchaser is a minor, funds will be returned.

Privacy Policy

To communicate with Dawn Lorraine, it is important you take a few moments to review and be comfortable with her policies as well as the policies of any related third parties.



Dawn takes your privacy very seriously and that is why she asks that you provide only information necessary in order to make your purchase. Please do not supply sensitive, personal information to Dawn. 

Dawn will collect information you provide to her or that you give to other parties or organizations who may then refer you to Dawn for services. 

Please first call Dawn at 978-717-DAWN if you have questions regarding the storage, use, transmission of your information.


You will note that this site uses Google reCAPTCHA technology to fight spam. Your use of reCAPTCHA is subject to Google's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. 


In order to best serve clients, telephone calls, e-mails or text messages may be made to or from Dawn Lorraine by way of third-party cellular or internet/app and/or web based services. PayPal is used by Dawn Lorraine for non cash payments. Information may be stored by Dawn Lorraine and/or third parties. You agree to this communication, transmissions and storage.


When you use the services of third parties, you are subject to any third party privacy and service policies. By communicating with Dawn Lorriane you agree to all third party policies and to review same in detail and ask any questions in advance of your payment and appointment.


You also agree any of Dawn Lorraine's or third party policies may be changed without notice and you will periodically check for any updates.


When you provide information via this website, information in your contact form may be also kept by Dawn, her domain or site provider, transmitted via email, internet and cellular providers, with your consent, for the purpose of Dawn Lorraine being able to interact with you. Such information may include but not be limited to your e-mail address, partial or full name and telephone number, depending on what you input. You may also be referred to Dawn by a third party which would have their own privacy policies and practices in place. You agree Dawn Lorraine has no authority to override or change any third party policies.


Personal Records/Sharing of Information


In furtherance of the above-noted privacy practices, Dawn wishes to advise you she may keep a pen on hand and write or doodle on a piece of paper. She will give you the paper if you ask for it or shred it after the session.


For your protection, Dawn Lorraine does not request your sensitive information. Dawn Lorraine does not sell your sensitive information. Dawn Lorraine shares information to the extent needed to provide and address services and to comply with the law.


Dawn may use a service to e-mail you regarding services she provides that may be of interest to you. That third party will have their own privacy policy in place. 


Your appointment confirmation and billing for your appointment may be coordinated all or in part through a third party e-mail or billing provider and unless you are paying cash in person, email/internet/web/domain providers may be involved in the transmission and they also would have their own privacy practices in place to protect your information. You consent to such communications, information storage and transmission and to all provider's policies.


Should you no longer wish to receive e-mail or written communications, simply contact Dawn through this website or via telephone to opt out of future communications.


As mentioned above, it is requested that you please limit the information you provide and not transmit or disclose any personal or sensitive information through this website, e-mail, social media or by way of any other method of communication. Should Dawn require more information to complete a transaction, she will contact you.


As noted, Dawn uses the services of PayPal® to process payments for services. You do not need to have an account to pay by credit card. Dawn requires your name, email and phone number to invoice and contact you. Please go to to review all applicable policies, to which you agree when you use their service.


You must pay with a card in your name. Should you wish to use a corporate card you must supply Dawn in advance with the name on the card whether or not it is a business, and your name, as authorized user. Clients are responsible to make sure they are paying with an authorized card and to advise if they are paying for a service for another 


PayPal® has its own standards and practices in place to collect information necessary for the transaction and protect your privacy which you consent to by using its services. For information on PayPal® services and privacy practices, please see If you do not wish to use this service you may pay in cash or an advance by money order.

Cyber Matters


Dawn Lorraine does not maintain that her website, accounts to include social media accounts, email or servers, will be free from errors, communication problems, bugs or malware, hackers or viruses and you agree communication with Dawn is at your own risk. You agree to take all proper precautions to protect your computer and information and that you will not hold Dawn Lorraine responsible in any way for data breaches, bugs, viruses, malware, communication mishaps and the like.


You agree that by using this website or communicating with Dawn Lorraine, you will be bound to any policy changes even if they are without notice to you and that you will periodically check this website from time to time to be aware of any changes.


Clients and potential clients understand and agree that this website may contain information about other people, companies or events. If the services of others are posted, mentioned, coordinated, or integrated in some way with Dawn Lorraine's, whether or not linked with this website, clients understand and agree Dawn Lorraine does not own, work for or control these third parties and accordingly, makes no representations, warranties, guarantees or endorsements regarding or with respect to any of the products or services of other people or companies and, agree that Dawn Lorraine shall not be held responsible for any of your interactions with other companies, their employees or associates in any manner. This includes any type of interaction, whether it be via e-mail, telephone, text, internet, video, radio, audio, or with individual or businesses websites, servers or products. 


Please exercise caution with all online and in-person experiences and should you have any questions regarding a third party, please contact that individual or business directly.


You also agree to be bound to all policies of any payment service, whether or not online, with regard to your attendance at any event where tickets are sold by way of a service provider or venue.

Party Rates and Policies

Party Rates quoted include allowances for reading time, preparation and reasonable travel (within 25 miles of Dawn's location on the date of service). Should extended travel be required, a reasonable additional travel allowance will be quoted in advance. Gratuities are not included in any rates and are always discretionary.

Coordinator agreement


Upon booking an event with a flat rate/minimum price where the total number of attendees does not meet the minimum, the coordinator agrees to pay at minimum, the flat rate and any other balances due, in cash, at the time of the event. Coordinator agrees to collect cash in advance from all guests for the service fee, any overtime fee and any gratuities and will honor all policies. Personal checks are not accepted and for ease of transactions, exact change is requested. 


For example, if a coordinator is quoted a flat rate of $250 for up to 5 adults, and 3 guests attend, the total attendees is considered 4 people to include the coordinator attending. Dawn Lorraine will be paid at minimum, the flat rate, which may include a non refundable pre-paid deposit. It is recommended that the coordinator schedule 2 more guests than the flat rate minimum to avoid falling below the minimum if a guest cancels. All services are for adults only and are non-refundable. Party deposits are non-refundable but may be transferred for one time only, provided written notice is given, received and acknowledged by Dawn Lorraine at least 72 hours in advance of your event for a reschedule date within 30 days of the original date. Event changes may be subject to a small change fee. At group events, an effort will be made to reach as many guests as time permits. However, attendance does not guarantee a reading.


Cancellation, Missed or Late Appointment and Refund Policy

Dawn Lorraine understands emergencies arise requiring you to cancel or reschedule. Should you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, you must do so in writing via this website. Dawn will respond to you as soon as possible.


Clients coordinating a home or corporate party who notify Dawn as above at least 72 hours in advance of their intent to reschedule their event may transfer their non-refundable deposit for one time only with no charge  by selecting a new date for your event with the same services provided within 30 days of the originally scheduled event date. Rates will be held for 30 days with no adjustment. Should you request that services be changed, a rate change may apply. 


If your rescheduled event or appointment is not held within 30 days of the initial party date, all pre-paid deposits are forfeited by customer. Please understand the time and effort involved with coordinating and rescheduling your dates. Therefore, it is recommended you pick a new date as soon as possible as Dawn's schedule may fill months in advance.


Cancellations for individual or group appointments or functions with less than 72 hours notice are regretfully not refundable. 


Cancellations made by Dawn will be offered either a refund of your deposit or the opportunity to reschedule at no cost. Please see the rain date policy which pertains to larger group events.

Please note that cancellations and rescheduling requests are not considered valid unless acknowledged in writing by Dawn Lorraine. If you have not received an e-mail reply to your written cancellation via this website within 2 hours, please check your spam/trash folder, then call Dawn at 978-717-DAWN to be sure she received your request and responded in writing.


There are no refunds regardless of whether or not you or your guests use Dawn's services. If you are a coordinator please collect monies in advance and have a back-up plan in place should a circumstance arise.


Please review any ad, all terms on this website and on your invoice carefully before making your payment and inquire if you have questions. Deposit and fee policies are also noted in the services and party information sections of this website.


Missed appointments are subject to full payment of session.


Late entries of up to 10 minutes after the scheduled time will receive services for the remaining time scheduled. Clients and guests more than 10 minutes late will be considered as a missed appointment, with no refunds. Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes in advance of your appointment.


Guest Entry to Events/Party Guests

If you are arriving with a group, the primary purchaser must be present for guests to be admitted for entry. For general seating events, seating preferences are available for those whose parties have completely arrived. Coordinator/venue reserves the right to hold admittance until the party is completely present.


Please have confirmation of payment and reservation with you for all services.


It is recommended your group arrive 15 -30 minutes prior to door opening time and be seated on time for all events.


If you are paying for a group on one receipt please provide the first and/or last name of any guests arriving separately for entry purposes so we know who to allow in to the event.


Services are only rendered to individuals 18 years of age or older. By purchasing or receiving a ticket, all attendees affirm they are over the age of 18 and are in agreement with all policies noted on this website, their reservation confirmation, ticket and any advertisement or event posting. If you have any questions, please contact Dawn prior to your purchase.


Attention Guests:  Dawn is excited to meet you! Please confirm your attendance with your host or hostess as soon as possible. The host/hostess will be responsible to pay for you whether or not you attend, so please arrange to pay the host/hostess in advance of the event to hold your spot. If you cannot attend after you have reserved, please contact an adult friend or family member to take your place. We will be sorry we missed you and hope to see you soon.


Recordings, Photography and Phones


In order to maintain privacy, video or audio recording of any information, session, reading, event, demonstration, class, lecture, workshop that is hosted by Dawn Lorraine and held in person, via telephone or Skype is NOT permitted without the express, written consent of Dawn Lorraine.


It is agreed and understood clients may be photographed or recorded at group events. Dawn Lorraine has the right to display and/or use photographs or videos taken during one of Dawn's events for advertising purposes on this website or on other printed or transmitted material. This may include an image of you or your guest(s). 


If Dawn is aware that photography or other audio or video recording is to be permitted, or if she intends to video or audio record or photograph at a group event, it will be announced in advance. You will see it on the advertisement and purchase invoice or on this website or on social media. 


All attendees including guests of a ticket holder agree to all policies, including the sharing of any recording, photographing, broadcasting, posting, or publishing of the event at the time of or after the event is concluded. You and your guests agree to be solely responsible for what information you elect to share at any type of group event and agree to defend, indemnify and hold Dawn harmless with respect to any claims or disputes arising out of or in connection with the broadcasting, posting, recording, writing or blogging about, sharing or publishing the event. You understand your non-private disclosure of any information during  these events is voluntary and sharing of the events helps people get to know and understand Dawn Lorraine's work.


Please keep in mind that certain venues will record events and it may be out of Dawn's control and/or without her direct knowledge. Clients agree to accept sole responsibility to check this in advance with the venue directly prior to making a reservation or purchase.


When your appointment or event begins, please have your electronic devices or cell phones turned off.  In the event you are required to be on call for emergencies please set it to a very low vibration-only mode.


Paper and pens are usually available at all appointments and events, however you may bring your own. Taking written notes is recommended as it is helpful for clients to refer to after an appointment, class or event.

Conduct and Safety


Dawn Lorraine cares about the safety and well being of everyone. Dawn reserves the right to terminate a reading or event, refuse entry, and remove any attendee, without refund, and will exercise reasonable safety precautions for the well-being of any person, should she feel an attendee's conduct may affect the safety, well-being or overall experience of that individual or another person.

Should you or someone you love be in need of crisis resources or if you are interested in volunteering to help others, below is some general information on just a few of many organizations that assist others. This is not an endorsement, so please feel free to select anyone you know and trust.  



If you are someone you know has an emergency and needs immediate assistance, calling 911 and asking to speak with a crisis intervention professional may be necessary.


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

1-800-273-8255 (TALK)  24 hr support


National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

The NAMI Website provides information and offers chat and text support on their website. The NAMI Helpline phone number is 800-950-6264, Helpline hours are M-F 10 am - 8 pm ET. NAMI's e-mail is One may text NAMI to 741-741 for 

text support.


National Domestic Violence Support - The National Domestic Violence Hotline

800-799-SAFE (7233). Website: Chat and Text options are noted and the website says one may text START to 88788 for assistance.

Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline.


1-800-4-A- CHILD or 800-422-4453. 


All sales are final, non refundable and non transferable to other customers. If you purchase a ticket for another individual, please ask them to bring it with them for entry to an event. 


In the unlikely event Dawn needs to reschedule a large group function, notice will be posted on the home page of this website and provided to the event coordinator. It may also possibly be noted elsewhere by the venue or by Dawn on her Facebook page.  


Purchaser understands it is not possible to personally notify each guest if there is a "rain date" for a function. Guest(s) agree and understand they are responsible to check for any updates in advance. Notices may be posted on this website, on Dawn's Facebook or by the event coordinator.


Guest tickets for group events that need postponement will be automatically transferred to a new "rain" date, just as if one were attending a ball-game with a rain date.


Applicable to all appointments or events: 


In the unlikely event that Dawn Lorraine cancels an appointment or event and does not offer a rain date, attendees will be fully refunded but that refund may not include third party credit card processing/customer convenience fees.


Please check all ticketing policies of third party vendors which will apply to your sale. As stated above, nothing in Dawn's policies should be construed as overriding, waiving, changing, diminishing or invalidating in any way, any other third parties or entity's standards and practices.


Dawn may be reached up to 12 hours before an event should you have any questions. Should you have a question on the date of an event, please contact the venue. 


Thank you, and we hope you enjoy your event!

Dispute Resolution

In the event of a dispute with Dawn Lorraine, please contact Dawn directly. Dawn values you as a customer and welcomes the opportunity to address any concerns you have expediently and in an effort to work toward a solution agreeable to all.


If there is a dispute involving a payment made by you or on your behalf ("you") through a third party service provider, you agree to be bound by their policies, guidelines, the law and, you agree to work with them and if necessary, with Dawn to provide any information requested on the transaction. You and if applicable, your organization or payor agree Dawn may provide information confirming or regarding applicable transaction(s).


In the event you and Dawn Lorraine are unable to reach an understanding and agreement with respect to a dispute, you and all related/involved parties agree to be bound by Massachusetts law.  You agree to the covenant not to sue Dawn Lorraine and to defend, indemnify and hold Harmless Dawn Lorraine in connection with any claim presented. You and related/involved parties further agree to waive any rights to trial in favor of a private and confidential arbitration forum to hear all claims; waiving any and all rights that may apply to you to receive punitive/extracontractual damages and accordingly, you agree to arbitrate all disputes or claims with a single arbitrator, with the arbitration to be held in Bristol County, Massachusetts, with damages limited to actual damages only, with filing to be made within the time period permitted by law. Your agreement extends and applies to any legally permissible derivative or related parties and any claims that may be brought by such parties, including, but not limited to your spouse, heirs, assigns, or representatives. All attendees and guests at any appointment, class or group event are subject to all policies.


Process: Upon receipt of a certified/registered written notice of dispute and demand for arbitration, you agree to first conference the matter with Dawn Lorraine and attempt to resolve it. If you and Dawn Lorraine are unable to agree on a resolution within 30 days from the date of receipt of the certified or registered mail demand for arbitration, the parties will first, before any arbitration takes place, each appoint their own designee to work together to review the dispute confidentially. An individual or groups' agreement to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Dawn Lorraine will not be waived at any time. If the two appointed designees can reach an agreement within 30 days from the date of receipt of all necessary and relevant information regarding the dispute, the matter will then be closed without arbitration.


If the designees are unable to reach an agreement within 30 days from the date of their receipt of all necessary, relevant information, the designees shall then submit their case review to a single, agreed-upon Bristol County, MA area arbitrator for final resolution of any and all claims.


Each party throughout the dispute process, to include the arbitration process, will pay the costs of their own designee and bear the cost of the arbitrator equally. You/plaintiff(s) also agree to pay the non-reimburseable cost of the arbitration filing fee.


The decision of the arbitrator shall be full and final and binding, with respect to all claims, whether known or unknown that have arisen or may arise out of or in connection with the subject matter of the dispute. 

Additional agreements regarding portions of contracts and policies 


In the event any part of Dawn Lorraine's contracts or policies is determined not to be legally binding, you agree all remaining portions of such contracts or policies will remain and be considered to be legal, valid, binding and in full force.


Third Party Policies


Nothing in Dawn's policies should be construed as overriding, waiving, changing, diminishing or invalidating in any way, any other third parties or entity's standards and practices, to include but not be limited to any third party privacy policies, disclaimers, terms or conditions.


You also agree to be bound to all third party policies with regard to your attendance at any event or if you have made a purchase through a third party provider and/or payment service.


Policy Changes


Policies may be updated or change without notice and in making your purchase you and your guests agree to be bound by these changes whether or not you have read them. You may check back with this website at any time. 


If you have any questions please feel free to contact Dawn Lorraine prior to making your purchase at 978-717-3296, send a message via the contact form on this website, or contact the third party directly.


Thank you for your business. Enjoy your appointment or event!


Dawn Lorraine

Spiritual Medium

Connecting you with 

the light of your loved ones


Dawn Lorraine

306 Winthrop St., PMB #11

Taunton, MA  02780


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