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Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate!

Today and every day, I am grateful for quiet mornings, where I may sit with a cup of coffee, gather my thoughts and get ready for the day.

As I enjoy this peaceful time, my thoughts shift to the Thanksgiving Holiday, with gratitude for the many blessings 2017 has brought to me and others.

I believe that when we meet new people it is for a specific purpose. We may not immediately recognize or understand the reason for the pre-destined encounter, however ultimately the people we meet provide us with an opportunity to learn and grow through our shared life experiences.

Each time I meet a new person, friend or client, I feel that my life is benefited by it. While I do not always understand the purpose behind our meeting, I realize that part of the fun is in not knowing all the answers. I look forward to seeing how things unfold.

I am grateful for the many interesting days life has to offer. I am motivated and inspired by the journey and trust that we remain guided along the way. There is so much love and support for us, even though some days we may fail to see it or question it is there.

I am honored to share my life experiences with many people, including family, new and old friends, clients, business associates and loved ones.

I am thankful to God for the opportunity to be of service and for those blessings granted to me.

I am grateful to have learned some life lessons along the way, though some have been happy and others painful.

I recognize we all grow from both perceived positive and negative experiences in our journey called life. When we face positive experiences, it gives us happiness and encouragement. When we face more challenging moments, it provides us the opportunity to build strength of character and the framework to prepare us to move forward in readiness for the next time we might encounter a similar event.

As we learn from our achievements, our mistakes and other life experiences, we may choose to assist others along the way. Helping others is, has been and will continue to be my focus.

I am grateful for the opportunity to have met many people in 2017. I enjoy and learn from every person, every meeting, every fund-raiser and gathering. Thank you all!

I was thrilled to bring my From Heaven, with Love Mediumship Galleries to some groups in the area in 2017. My events have allowed people to comfortably celebrate the lives of those who have passed. They are uplifting and unique, as they provide personal attention and may be tailored to meet the customer's needs.

For those of you who have not had the opportunity to experience a private or group mediumship reading, I thought I might take a moment to explain a little about what a Medium's function is and what to expect at From Heaven, with Love.

A medium serves to establish beyond a reasonable doubt that the existence and personal identity of the individual continues after the change we call death.

Death is the end of physical life where the spiritual body separates from the physical body. After this change in condition, the ability to communicate with those who have entered the spiritual realm is still present. A medium endeavors to uplift humanity through this communication, which is a three-party experience requiring the friend or loved one who has passed, the medium and the client to all be involved in the process.

A medium has the honor of working for Spirit by proving the continuity of life and is often a witness to the wonderful healing that may take place during or following a meeting.

Sometimes, you might receive a message from the person you want to hear from. Other times, it may be the person you least expect to hear from, or even a pet. Sometimes the message is not for you, but is meant to be delivered to someone you know. In all cases, it is an honor to serve.

At a group, or gallery event like From Heaven with Love, one can anticipate that guests will receive evidential messages of joy, love, comfort and healing. Personal messages are delivered to a group of adult attendees and are not private. These events are not only entertaining and uplifting, but many attendees will understand and be benefited by the information received by others as people share laughter, joy, tears and fond memories. You may feel like you are in a room with your best friends!

As Spirit runs the show, so to speak, messages or greetings are not guaranteed. However, I always pray for and attempt to reach as many people as possible. I often allocate time for intuitive messages with some of the smaller groups.

If you are interested in having a From Heaven with Love group gathering in your home or office, or to schedule a private reading for yourself or a family member, please contact me at 978-717-DAWN.

Wishing you, your friends, family and loved ones bountiful blessings and peaceful, merry times this holiday season. You will remain in my thoughts.

With gratitude,


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